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Jennifer necklace


The simple, yet elegant Jennifer necklace is made with sophisticated Dumortierite tubes in shades of deep denim blue / grey.

Sometimes mistaken for Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli, the gemstone Dumortierite is much harder and durable than any other similar blue gemstone. The mental benefits of Dumortierite include enhancing memory, sharpening intellectual skills, and becoming more perceptive.

The Jennifer necklace is 18″ long and comes with a 2″ extension chain, allowing the wearer to adjust the length, depending on the neckline being worn.

Why not treat yourself or your loved one to the matching Jennifer necklace and Jennifer earrings?

Your necklace will come in a beautifully packaged Suzie Jasper gift box.

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Length of chain

18" sterling silver with 2" extension

Semi-precious stones


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