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Francesca Bracelet


Featuring the wonderfully warm tones of Red Creek Jasper and Hematite, the Francesca bracelet is elasticated, meaning that it is versatile and fits all wrist sizes. It is adorned with a bronze leaf charm.

Red Creek Jasper mimics the colours of golden sunshine, poppy fields, rainforests, the undulating ocean, red rocks of the Grand Canyon, to sweeping mountains and night skies.  The red, golden and yellow colours are known for bringing creativity and happiness, while the green and brown colours promotes peace of mind, tranquility, and clarity. As with all genuine natural gemstones, the colour variations are formed in nature over thousands of years, so will vary from stone to stone.

The Francesca necklace, Francesca bracelet and Francesca earrings make a classic set of jewellery which will bring joy to the wearer for years to come. Your bracelet will come in a beautifully packaged Suzie Jasper gift box.

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