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Jasper – with ball

Tibetan Terrier

“Jasper, my Tibetan Terrier and Head of Marketing, is an incredibly special dog. As he reaches his mature years, he has started to show signs of arthritis in his shoulders, and he has become more and more reluctant to go out for walks.

However, when Jasper’s tennis ball appears, he resorts back to his puppy-like playfulness! He has the most wonderful ways of attracting attention and managing to get anyone around to stop what they are doing and play with him.

When I picture Jasper at his happiest, it usually involves his beloved tennis balls. The look that a dog gives their owner during play is so special and bonding, and this is what I wanted to capture in this very special sculpture of my beloved Jasper.

This is how I will always remember my boy – cheeky, loving, loyal and playful. What a lucky girl I am to have him in my life.”


Send Suzie an enquiry if you have any questions or would like to find out more about the commission process.


Tibetan Terrier