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English Setter


“My family had two English Setters: Bertie and Wooster, who were pretty identical in looks. They were absolutely stunningly beautiful dogs, but they seemed to share one brain cell between them – so different from Jasper who is an extremely bright Tibetan Terrier!

Bertie didn’t like to miss out on anything and his eyebrows would always be alert, whether he was listening out for his lead or food being added to his bowl. He also had a talent for giving a wonderful “don’t even think about moving me” look when he’d made himself comfortable somewhere. I wanted to capture this look as it was so expressive, and to me it was a real difference between Bertie and Wooster who were in fact twins.

Bertie became very sick very quickly and with great regret we took the decision to end his suffering. I vividly recall feeling that it would be too painful to look at his sculpture, but it provided me with great relief and comfort and to this day, it reminds me of his wonderfully expressive personality”.


Send Suzie an enquiry if you have any questions or would like to find out more about the commission process.


English Setter