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Basset Hound


“We met Suzie at an exhibition, and we were immediately impressed by her ability to create lifelike image of dogs. We decided to commission her to create a sculpture of our Bassett Hound, Henrietta.

Henny was the most happy life-loving dog you could ever meet. She had been with us for twelve years at that point and had grown up with our children, who were eleven and nine when she arrived. We knew she was unwell when we commissioned Suzie, and we were delighted to be able to have this sculpture of our beloved dog.

Suzie came to our house and did a long photographic session with Henrietta. Henny rose to the show and posed her heart out, on that day, the pictures of her were just the best. Just days later Henry’s health got the better of her and she passed to heaven at the age of thirteen, and as a family we were devastated.

Suzie started her work and kept in touch, and some months later we went to meet Suzie, to see the sculpture of our wonderful dog. When we saw the sculpture it was tear jerking, a perfect replica of our wonderful friend.

The sculpture has pride of place at home now. Very regularly when we all sit and watch television or generally do things at home, we all look at Henny and smile and remember the perfect times we had with our wonderful friend. If only dogs could live as long as humans.

Our timing was unusual to say the least, but Henrietta’s sculpture was excellently produced, and was an amazing likeness to Henny. It is a wonderful way to remember our most special friend.

Certainly, our sculpture has had a major impact on our lives, very much to the positive, and we would recommend Suzie’s work to anyone”.

Send Suzie an enquiry if you have any questions or would like to find out more about the commission process.


Basset Hound