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“After seeing one of Suzie’s sculptures of Jasper at a fair and online, I thought I would be wonderful to have one of both Jak and Lulu, but up till then, I thought Suzie just worked on beautiful jewellery pieces.

The other dog sculptures she showed me, in various poses, were fun and captured elements of character and personality. Jasper’s expression was definitely ‘Jasper’!

It was a little nerve wrecking when I was asked to pick up my sculpture of Jak, although I except Suzie was equally, if not, more nervous.   There was really no need to be as I was absolutely thrilled.  Suzie had managed to capture his personality and expression perfectly.  Jak was kept ‘under wraps’ until Christmas Day, when I finally introduced him to the rest of the family – a huge success, and definitely the favourite present.

Lulu arrived in early Spring, and again her personality shown through – so they both now have pride of place in the family room. Family and friends have admired them tremendously.

Suzie took lots of photos and discussed poses etc. with me on a regular basis throughout the whole process, her attention to detail has resulted in two beautiful sculptures which I am proud to own”.

Heather Abbott

Send Suzie an enquiry about this item if you have any questions or would like to commission a similar item.


Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel / Poodle cross)