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Italian Spinone


“I first came across Suzie’s sculptures at one of her Open Studio days.  I was really looking for jewellery, but was quickly distracted by the Yoga Dogs as they were so quirky and funny – I then saw the other dog sculptures and was so impressed by how lifelike they were, that I immediately knew I wanted one done of our dog Otis.

Suzie came round a few times to meet Otis and suss out his personality.  She took lots of photos and asked questions about him and the sort of sculpture we wanted – I had taken some photos of Otis in our favourite “pose” too, which also helped.

It was very exciting as the time drew near to the sculpture being completed, but not as exciting as when Suzie unveiled him for the first time.  It was a surprisingly emotional moment as she had captured so perfectly his personality and expression – I couldn’t believe it was possible to make something so lifelike and personal out of clay!

When Otis first met his sculpture, it was so sweet as he was nose to nose, checking it out – a very funny moment!  Every time I go into the lounge where Otis the sculpture sits, it makes me smile and it’s really comforting to know that when the sad day comes for us to say goodbye, we will always have something so tangible to remind us of him.  Everybody who sees the sculpture comments on how uncannily like Otis it is.

Suzie is a really lovely person with a huge talent and such dedication to getting the sculpture just right – I didn’t come away from the Open Studio with any jewellery on that occasion, but I did come away with something very precious to last a lifetime!”

Mel Mead

Send Suzie an enquiry if you have any questions or would like to find out more about the commission process.


Italian Spinone